How to Make $5000 a Month Online!

Out of everyone who tries to earn big cash online, only a select few will be able to earn a large income. Those few are the ones who know how the system works. They are the "smarter people" of the online world. Here I will teach you on how to start earning money online.

The best way to reach a goal of $5000 a month from online work is through Google Adsense. If you don't know how that program works click here to read my section explaining that. If you do know how it works, keep on reading.

Basically all you need, is to earn about $165 a day. All you need is some sort of website, blog, or article collection that gets large amounts of traffic. Place your advertisements on that website. When people click on the ads, you will then earn money. Right now you might be asking, my website/blog/articles do not get the large traffic they need to earn money. Don't worry, I will quickly teach you how to get much more traffic to your webpages.

You will first need good quality webpages. Pretend that you are a visitor to your own website. Would you sit there and read the content that is there? Would you stay on that website and explore it? If you answered "no" to any of those questions, you will need to fix them. Try and make your website inviting.

You will also want to use popular keywords (words that people search for often) in your articles/webpages. These will help your webpages show up more often in Google. You can find popular search terms by using the Google Keyword Tool.

Now for the ads from Google Adsense. You do not always want the big flashy ads that pop right out on webpages. Most people will almost never click on those. Sometimes using text ads are more beneficial on getting more clicks.

One of the main things to remember when placing your ads on your webpage is to make the ads not look like ads. Most people do not want to click on advertisements.

Now that you have a nice looking webpage, we will need to get traffic to it. Spread the word about your articles on Facebook and Twitter. Another good way to spread the word is to have a "Facebook Like" button on your webpage (like the one you see above). Every time someone clicks on that, your webpage will show to all the hundreds of friends that person has. Social bookmarking is a must if your website is not yet popular. Some good websites to add your website to is,, and These will help build links to your website, and therefore having it rank higher with Google.

I hope that these tips will help you become successful on your online career. Money does not grow on trees. Earning money online will take a little hard work. Don't cut corners, it will show on the quality of your work. Many people online who work hard earn a few hundred or a few thousand a month from Adsense alone.

If there is anything you want me to add to these article, or if you have any questions/comments, please say so below. I will try and reply within 1-2 days of your comment. Thank you.

 "I now have some extra money after each month for the rest of my life thanks to Adsense"

-Jimmy Pointer

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