Earn Money With Amazon Affiliates

The Amazon Affilate program is very simple. Depending on the content of your webpage, this can be hard to earn money from. The reason for that is because you only earn money when someone buys a product from Amazon.com. The downside is that few people will buy things. The upside is that you earn commission from the products sold. The percent commission that you earn will be somewhere from 4-8.5% which is pretty decent. So if someone buys a $100 item, you would earn $4-$8.50 from that one sale.

With the Amazon Affilate program, you are advertising products that sell on Amazon. You have the choice of either choosing specific products to show up, or you can choose keywords and let Amazon find the products for you. These types of ads are best to place on webpages where you are trying to get your readers to buy an item or get them interested in an item.

To use this program, you will have to enter in your code from you Amazon Affiliate account onto your website. You can also use Amazon Affiliates on the website Hubpages (a website where you write articles about anything you want).

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to say so below. I will try to answer any questions within 1-2 days.

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