Earn Money With Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular program where you can place ads on your website to earn money. If you do not know already, the money that you earn is from when people click on the ads. The amount that you earn will depend on how many people click on your ads, and the amount of money a company is willing to pay to advertise on your website.

In this case, you will need good quality content. If you have your own website, try and make the advertisements blend in with your website (if you are using text ads, change the color so it will match your overall layout).

Don't worry. If you do not own, or even know how to build your own website... you don't need one to earn from Google Adsense. There are many good websites out there that have Adsense sharing programs. This is where you can participate in the community (which could be anything, from uploading pictures, writing articles, or answering questions) and the website will show advertisements on your content, where you could earn some money. Let me show you a couple of examples of those Adsense sharing programs.

If you enjoy writing articles about almost anything, Hubpages would be perfect for you. This website has a nice community of people where you can write articles about anything you feel like at any time you want. When writing your articles, you have many choices on how you want the layout to be. Hubpages will automatically add advertisements to your articles, so you don't have to do any of that work. And if people read your article, and happen to click on an ad, then you earn money.

If you are a person that enjoys asking and answering questions (similar to Yahoo answers), Webanswers is a great choice. On this website, you can answer people's questions that they post. If your answer is awarded "best answer" then you will earn 60% of all the advertisement revenue from that whole page. If there is no "awarded answer" then all the revenue will be split up throughout all the answers. You can also earn a little money from asking questions. Since asking and answering questions is so easy and quick, I actually earned over $4.00 the very first day on that website. Webanswers was the website that really got me into earning money from Adsense.

Other than Webanswers and Hubpages, there are many other revenue sharing websites, but I find those two to be the best. I find them to be the best because of the easy to use layouts, and the amount of traffic they get daily.

In conclusion, Google Adsense is a must for anyone who wants to earn money online. A quick warning is to NEVER click on your own ads or ask anyone else to click on your ads. This will result in Google disabling your Adsense account forever.

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to say so below. I will try and answer any question within 1-2 days.

"From Adsense alone I reached my goal of $100 a month. Now I am shooting for $200"

-Jessica Mayberry

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